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A. My Court Calendar™ is the market leader in court management software for the facilitation of court documents between Officers of the Court and Emergency Service Agencies. Our subscription based service enables you to review the emergency service professional work schedules, quickly log data, upload court documents and alert witnesses to pending court dates. It is a unique program that will assist you to streamline costs and increase productivity!
A. Most major modern browsers are supported. If you are experiencing issues on the site, please try upgrading to the latest version of your favorite browser. Below are some links to popular browsers.
A. My Court Calendar™ is accessible via any internet capable device. It can be utilized with a desktop computer,  smart-phone, laptop or any tablet.
A. The My Court Calendar™ program includes the following features: 
  • Emergency Service Professionals can create calendars and update work schedules.
  • The state attorney's office, clerk of the court and public defenders' office staff has read-only access to the work schedules.
  • Court dates can be schedule based upon the best available date and time relative to the witness's on-duty schedule.
  • Court documents can be electronically transmitted in the form of a PDF attachment to an e-mail sent directly to the agency.
  • The emergency service professional and the supervisor will instantly receive alerts that a court document has been transmitted.
  • The witness and supervisor is sent periodic reminder alerts of the upcoming court dates. These can be controlled by the supervisor and range from 7 days out to 4 hours from the actual court time on the subpoena.
  • An electronic record is stored which captures the date and time of transmittal, the name of the agency and person sending the documents, the date and time of acceptance, and a history of alerts sent to the witness and supervisor.
  • Our court calendars can also sync to your other calendars so double entry is not required.
  • When an emergency service agency receives a subpoena from a process server, a staff member can verify the individual work schedule on-line prior to accepting the court documents. Staff members can then input the court data and electronically send the documents through the program directly to the witness.
  • The court documents are stored in the software program for future review or to meet state retention policies.
  • Emergency service professionals can also add photos and other data to their calendars which will not be visible to anyone else.
  • Supervisors can manage shifts, vacation schedules or sick time-off with the calendars as well as stay connected with their team. Training dates, shift parties, and mandatory meetings can also be calendared.
  • My Court Calendar™ creates an electronic paperless office environment.
  • Accountability and documentation with 24/7 access.

A. The data is uploaded instantaneously. There is no wait time and the data can be modified by the user at any time during their time of subscription.
A. My Court Calendar™ will provide you with a user name and password upon completing the registration process. Upon receipt, you may edit only the password on your account. It is your responsibility to secure such passwords and account information. My Court Calendar™ does strive to protect your data and we use security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. To illustrate, we store the personal information you provide on computer systems which are located in controlled facilities. The number of employees that have physical access to these computer systems is limited. When we transmit highly confidential information (such as a credit card number or password) via the internet, we protect it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.
A. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security feature that encrypts the data sent between My Court Calendar™  and your computer, thereby keeping it secure from possible eavesdropping. This is the same technology that many banks and e-commerce websites use to keep your credit card information safe. Security is very important to My Court Calendar™  so the SSL technology on our site is a smart idea.
A. After a voluntary termination of account the data is stored on our server(s) for a period of (30) thirty days. This gives the subscriber an opportunity to activate the account again and retrieve the data. After (30) days of unpaid inactivity, the data will be purged from our server(s). We will not save any data, for any length of time, from the accounts that have been administratively terminated by My Court Calendar™ .
A. Payments could be made via of Visa, Master Card, check, and/or U.S. money order.

My Court Calendar supports the iCal standard of subscribing to calendars. Most recent calendar applications will support this universal format.

Instructions to subscribe:

MS Outlook

Select "Tools", then "Account Settings". Then select the tab "Internet Calendars", then "New". Then just paste the copied iCal URL found at the bottom of your calendar into the box

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Google Calendar

Under "Other Calendars", select "Add", then "Add by URL". Then just paste the copied iCal URL found at the bottom of your calendar into the box. Go back to “other calendars” on the lower left and select settings. Click on the calendar which starts with "http://..." rename it to something friendly like My Court Calendar.

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iPhone / iPad

Select "Settings", then "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", then "Add Account", then "Other", then "Add Subscribed Calendar". When it asks for "Server", paste the iCal URL found at the bottom of your calendar. It will search/validate the URL. And then prompt you for your username and password. It will give a default "Description" name, you can change this to whatever name like.

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