About us

My Court Calendar™ provides interagency data between the State Attorney's Office, District Attorney's Office, Prosecutor's Office, County Attorney's Office, Attorney General's Office, Crown Attorney's Office, Public Defenders' Office, Clerk's Office, Law Enforcement Agency, Fire Department, Probation/Parole Office, Department of Corrections, and/or Emergency Medical Services Agency.

My Court Calendar™ is a software program designed to assist emergency service agencies to efficiently manage court dates for their sworn and/or non-sworn personnel. It streamlines the process of accepting litigation papers and docketing court dates by quickly analyzing employee schedules. Never again will the court system have to randomly assign court dates in the dark. The work schedules and days of availability for emergency service professionals will be visible to the Clerk's Office, and the above noted Government Attorney's in a collaborative effort to make the wheels of justice move in synchronicity.

My Court Calendar™ also provides the emergency service agency the ability to manage off-duty / extra detail jobs for the officer's to review and select. Once a job is selected, it becomes grayed-out on the master list and then it is posted to the assigned LEO's calendar. Since the program is web-based, the LEO does not have to drive to the department to look at the job postings on the bulletin board or log onto their MDT's. He/she can access that data 24/7 from virtually anywhere in the world.

My Court Calendar™ is a division of Process Server Central, LLC, (PSC) a state-of-the-art process server software program providing database management solutions to court officers all around the nation. Other aspects of the portfolio include the iSheriff® and iLevy® law enforcement software programs. These cutting-edge programs enable sheriff offices the ability to track and manage all of their non-enforceable and enforceable service of process and e-file returns of service.

As a part of the PSC network of court process software programs, My Court Calendar™ was created and managed by emergency service professionals. The former chiefs that developed these programs have experience with emergency service administration, the service of process, enforcement of the law, and court system. Thus, we have a long tradition of emergency service leadership and innovation!


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